"Of benefit to on-line casinos, mobile casinos, social casinos, land-based casinos, game development studios, gaming regulators, tax attorneys/accountants, and inventors & their counsel."


  • Increase your revenue with more compelling math models
  • Polish your game content (and your earnings) with our industry-proven play testing program
  • Validate the correctness of your game model, random number generator and game play execution
  • Ease your way through gaming control labs with pre-submit audit or post-submit problem solving
  • Present the most appropriate games to each player based on bankroll, play history, demographics, etc.
  • Protect or defend your intellectual property with domain expert advice
  • Support your legal action with Expert Witness analysis & reports, deposition & testimony

Our complete suite of gaming services:

If your success depends upon casino games, we can help you with expert design, rapid development, successful deployment and maximally profitable operation.

Our expertise covers the gambit of gaming math design and game development tasks. We can determine the exact payback of your new game and compare the pay characteristics to existing games in the field.

We can take any kind of game and optimize its play characteristics for a given market and clientèle. If you manage a casino, whether on-line, mobile, social or brick and mortar, our tools can help you better understand and optimize the play and pay characteristics of your games.

All the services share the same goal: to maximize your profits. Read more

Gaming Math Design & Analysis

Casino game math analysis, design, payout verification

No matter what game (slot machines, blackjack, roulette, Video Poker, Keno/Bingo, etc.,) we provide dead-on analysis and easy-to-use development tools. Read more

Casino Game Design & Development

Casino Slot Game, Blackjack, Roulette, Table Game, Bingo and Keno Game Design and Game Development

Our gaming experts can help with all phases of your casino game development. From initial design & specifications, to iterative game development, to post-release analysis— we can do it all. Read more

Casino Game Testing

Slot game testing, game math verification, game play optimization

Thorough testing is paramount for a successful game. Whether that includes live prototype play, certification in a gaming control lab or actual deployment. Read more

Legal Work

Gaming patents, trademarks, IP and gambling tax legal defense

Since Mark Nicely's initial expert witness report / testimony for the Gagliardi Federal gambling tax case, we have helped many other gamblers overcome their battles with the IRS. Read more