If your success depends upon casino games, we can help you with expert design, rapid development, successful deployment and maximally profitable operation.

  • Our expertise covers the gambit of gaming math design and game development tasks. We can determine the exact payback of your new game and compare the pay characteristics to existing games in the field. We can take any kind of game and optimize its play characteristics for a given market and clientèle. If you manage a casino, whether on-line, mobile, social or brick and mortar, our tools can help you better understand and optimize the play and pay characteristics of your games.
  • Correct operation is critical for regulatory approval and profitable operation. Our rigorous test suites can prepare you for the smoothest gaming control board / GLI submissions. Random Number Generators and skill-game testing are our speciality.
  • When it comes to obtaining initial patent protecting for your game idea or trying to defend yourself against encroachment, we have experience with that as well.
  • IRS tax agents have been making assorted mistakes contrary to the well-established mathematics of gambling. Mark Nicely, recognized as an expert witness on gambling by the Federal Tax Court, has helped deliver rational justice for numerous tax-paying gamblers. Against rigorous analysis and clear, educational expert report writing, no IRS mistake has yet to stand.